Oat Tops/Milky - Avena Sativa (FRESH) 1lb

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Every season, we hand harvest our fresh, green, milky oat seeds as well as the nourishing oat straw. This amazing herb nourishes and restores vitality to the nervous system, promotes restful sleep, and supports a healthy heart.

Milky oats are the oat tops harvested when they are in their milky stage, during which the oat tops release a white, milky sap when squeezed. This stage, which lasts approximately one week, occurs after the oat begins flowering and before the seed hardens and becomes the oat grain we eat as oatmeal. Tincturing the milky oats while fresh preserves their bioactive potency. Alternatively, milky oats can be dried and used as a nutritive tonic, and are a beautiful addition to tea blends.