About Us

Biodynamic Botanicals is devoted to the research, education and production of high quality Demeter Certified Biodynamic Botanicals in order to yield highly potent, vibrant, healing herbs for people, pollinators and planet.


Why we Grow

The United States is a large consumer of medicinal herbs, mainly in the form of value added products such as dietary supplements, teas, personal care products, cosmetics, and other nutraceuticals. However, it is estimated that over 80% of the herbs used to make these products are imported from foreign markets. Many of us are concerned with the quality of the medicinal herbs being imported as well as the impacts to climate that overseas supply chains contribute to.

Quality is of the utmost importance to us. We believe that every step in our process is an opportunity to raise the vibration and healing quality of our botanical partners. From quality of seed, water and intention... Everything Matters. When you feel the difference of our herbs, we hope, you will never again base your botanical buying on quantity. Demand Quality.


Brook Levan

 Co-Founder, Brook Levan received a MFA, NYSCC    from Alfred  University, BFA, Kansas City Art Institute.  He is a certified  Permaculture designer and        consultant and an alumnus of the  Institute for Social  Ecology (1978). He has consulted, practiced  and  taught sustainable design, green building, renewable  energy,  sustainable agriculture, wetland creation and  art and design. Mr.  Levan is a Fulbright Scholar and  has extensive research and  travel in Africa, Asia and North and Central America. He has held faculty positions at Pomona College, University of Connecticut and James Madison University. He has published, lectured and exhibited internationally. Mr. Levan is a National Advisory Board Member of Solar Energy International and The Wright Way Foundation, a founding Board Member of the Thompson Divide Coalition, and Board Member of Grass Roots TV. After seeing, smelling and feeling the healing power of the botanicals grown by Stephanie at Sustainable Settings in 2016 his passion for medicinal herbs was ignited and thus this partnership was born in an effort to expand the offering of healing plants to the community.  



Stephanie Syson spends the days with her hands in the soil and her heart with the plants.  She started down her Permaculture path in 2001 with an internship at Punta Mona in Costa Rica.  After visiting and living at multiple Permaculture communities in Latin America she was hooked!  
Stephanie lived and managed the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute for 4 years.  In that time she started the Basalt Seed Library and the Basalt Community Food Park as well as opening an herbal Product line called Dynamic Roots.  After many years farming and running her herbal product business she decided to devote herself fully to farming medicinal herbs.  
Stephanie partnered with Sustainable Settings Ranch in Carbondale Colorado and opened Biodynamic Botanicals in 2015.  She is a full time farmer and cultivates 3 acres of medicinal herbs which can be found at apothecaries across the state as well as multiple high end product lines.  She has recently started a new 12 acre farm in Puerto Rico that combines her love of medicinal herbs, agroforestry, subsistence farming,  tropical climates and ocean life with teaching and rural, large scale Permaculture Design.  

Stephanie is a Certified Permaculture Designer, an educator in the fields of  Greenhouse Management, Seed Saving, Food Forests, Biodynamics, Herbalism and more. She has presented at conferences such as the Boulder Bioneers, the North American Permaculture Convergence, the American Herbalists Guild and the Biodynamic Association. She works with groups of all ages to further their knowledge of these topics through regular public workshops such as CRMPI, Colorado Mountain College, The Grow Network, and the Denver Permaculture Guild  as well as co-hosting the Living Permaculture Show, a monthly radio show on public radio KDNK. Stephanie is committed to community servi

Where We Grow

Sustainable Settings Ranch - Carbondale, Colorado

Situated under the majestic Sopris Mountain on 244-acres once known as the historic Thompson Creek Ranch. Sustainable Settings is a working ranch and Whole Systems Learning Center. Our daily and long-term committed effort is to provide the arena and programming where human beings might find a harmonious regenerative intersection with Nature. We work on direct and locally applicable solutions to climate change, food and energy security and the regeneration of healthy topsoil . health in all systems . things we believe to be paramount if we are to survive. This effort is intended to move the culture into greater awareness of human being.s responsible participation as humble stewards and reverent members within Nature.s economy. We are a Demeter Certified Biodynamic Ranch.

Biodynamic Botanicals found its home here in 2016 and currently has 4 acres under cultivation.