Permaculture Design Service

From concept to reality… we can help you realize the potential of your project.

Design Services 

General Consulting

Site Analysis and Mapping

Permaculture Zone and Sector Design

Concept Design

Detailed Design

Timeline and Budgeting

Master Planning 

Homestead Design

Farm Design

Community Planning

Energy and Water Systems

Integrated Pest Management 

Soil Fertility Systems

Animal Integration

Through a comprehensive on-site consultation, we carefully listen to your personal wishes & combine them with the needs of the property and then we create an integrated design for your property; always regarding your input while applying our knowledge & experience using permaculture principles & philosophies.  Stephanie has been practicing and teaching permaculture for 20 years and has worked on projects ranging from small school gardens and backyard edible landscapes to multi-acre commercial farms.  

Permaculture Landscaping

Food Forests

Organic Gardens

Raised Beds 

Poultry and Small Animal Systems

Native Planting & Pollinator Habitat

Composting & Soil Preparation
Irrigation Systems
Greywater Irrigation
Rainwater Harvesting 

Orchards & Medicinal Plants
Carbon Farming & Cover Cropping
Agroforestry, Windbreaks, Reforestation
Rotational Grazing & Silvopasture Systems

We begin our process with an initial Site Visit and General Consultation.  I come out to your property to learn about you and your project.  We walk the property together and discuss your goals, visions and Challenges.  During this time I am happy to answer any questions you might have about your project, and offer my initial impressions and professional recommendations.   A stand alone general consultation typically lasts 3 to 4 hours and costs $400.  I provide you with relevant resource lists, professional contacts if applicable, and a strategy for moving forward to attain your goals.   

Most clients opt for me to continue on with my site assessment and for me to spend a full day on site to produce a base map and Concept Design.

The concept design is an excellent starting point for folks who are looking for general guidance, and those who intend on implementing the project themselves.  For most residential properties, I can complete a concept design in a single day ($800).  This price is inclusive of the general consultation fee.  For larger properties that require a more in depth Zone and Sector permaculture analysis, a concept design may take up to 3 days ($2400).

We offer implementation services for some projects.  In addition we specialize in training land owners, managers and landscapers or other stakeholders in the project to assume the day to day management of plant systems and assure long term success.

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